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What is an L1 Visa?

The L1 visa enables a US employer to transfer an executive, manager or specialized knowledge employee from a qualifying foreign entity to the US entity. You can transfer staff to either the existing US business or to a newly established business. So, if you do not yet have a business operating in the United States you are permitted to set one up and move staff under the “new-office L1 visa route”. The size and sector of your existing foreign business does not matter, provided we can establish a qualifying relationship with your new US business. There are two types of L1 visa: The L1-A visa is for executives and managers and the L-1B visa visa is for employees with specialized knowledge.

Benefits of L1 Visa

  • No Quotas. Unlike some other visa categories there are no annual limits on the number of visas available to certain countries.
  • Fast Processing Times for L1 Visa. Average processing time is between 3-6 months. Premium Processing is also available by paying an additional fee. With the premium processing, USCIS is required to respond with 15 business days.
  • Family. L1 Visa holders are permitted to take their spouses and dependent children with them to the United States on the L-2 visa.
  • Work Authorization. Spouses are granted work authorization permitting them to work for any US employer.
  • Tax Advantages. The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa, which means you should not incur taxes on worldwide income.
  • Transition to Green Card. It is possible to transition to a Green Card through the L-1A visas category. The criteria for L1-A is very similar with the criteria for EB1C visa category for Multinational Managers or Executives.

How To Open A Business In The USA

Opening a business in the US is very straight forward. Things you will ned to consider include:

  • Forming a US Business
  • Obtaining a US Federal Taxation Registration
  • Obtaining a State Tax Registration
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Obtaining Necessary Licenses and Permits
  • Filing to Protect your Trademarks and Patents
  • Having an Employment Agreement that Protects your Trade Secrets and Clients Lists
  • I-9 and Other Compliance Issues
  • Drafting or Reviewing a Franchise Agreement, If Applicable

Davies & Associates legal specialist corporate legal team can assist with all of these legal issues.

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US Entrepreneur Visas

Entrepreneur Visas for the United States. The United States is very welcoming of business owners and entrepreneurs. In fact there are many different visa routes for entrepreneurs to live and work in the United States. Click here for more information about US Entrepreneur L1 Visa

What Is An L1B?

The L1B category of visas is for the transfer of employees with specialized knowledge from the overseas office to the US office of the same company. “Specialized knowledge” offers considerable scope for interpretation and it is important to work with a highly experienced immigration attorney who can help you understand whether you have grounds to claim a visa using L1B status. Here at Davies & Associates we offer free initial consultations with an experienced L1 visa attorney to establish whether you have a strong case for applying for the L1B Visa.

The L1B is initially valid for three years unless the US office has been in operation for less than one year, in which case the initial visa validity is one year. The L1B can be renewed in two-year increments up to a maximum of five years.

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What Is An L1-A?

The L1-A category of visas is for the transfer of manager and executive-level employees from the overseas office to the US office of the same company. It is important to be able to document clear managerial responsibilities with significant authority in the company. The L1A is initially valid for up to three years if the US firm has been in operation for at least one year. The L1A can then be renewed in two-year increments upto a maximum of seven years. If the US business has not been in operation for at least one year, this is considered a New Office L-1A application and the initial validity is just one year. After seven years, the l-1a visa holder must return home or transfer to another visa. The EB1C visa offers permanent residency to qualifying management and executive level employees.

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L1 Visa Validity

The initial validity of an L1 visa in USA is determined by something called the “Reciprocity Schedule”. Each country has its own reciprocity schedule for the L1 Visa. Some countries have longer than others, some examples are given below. You can find your country on the State Department’s website.

The reciprocity schedule determines the maximum length of validity for the initial visa. After this time period, an applicant can renew their L-1 visa in USA up to a maximum of seven (7) years for an L1A category and five (5) years for an L1B visa.

Applicants for “New Office” L-1 Visas are all granted a one-year visa initially. This allows the authorities to check the progress of the establishment of the new U.S. office. If sufficient progress has been granted, it is possible to renew in increments of two years upto the standard maximum of five or seven years for L1A and L1B respectively.

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Foreign Company Documentation

The following is generally expected from the overseas business entity:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Business license
  • Income tax filings for the past three years
  • Audited accounting reports (e.g., balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow reports, etc.)
  • Organizational chart, which should include the total number of employees and indicate the position held by the transferee
  • Company brochure or product introduction
  • Documentation of business transactions (e.g., commercial contracts, invoices, bills of lading, letters of credit, etc.)
  • Bank statements or transactional records
  • Company letterhead with company logo, name, and address (several sheets)
  • Pictures of company's main office, factories, or buildings (disregard if already included in company brochure or product introduction)
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L1 Beneficiary Documentation

The following is generally expected from the alien beneficiary:

  • Resume
  • Diploma
  • Employment verification letter from the foreign company
  • Board resolution or appointment documents verifying the transfer of the alien to the U.S.
  • Any other documents showing transferee's ability to conduct business in the executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity
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Types of us visas for businesses

Obtaining permission to work in the United States can be a complicated process and requires a working knowledge of the different visa options that are available. Our immigration lawyers advise businesses and individuals so they can navigate this process with optimal efficiency and minimal expense.
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US Immigration Options for Italian Nationals: L1 Visas for Italian Business Owners & Transferees

Italy is a nation of entrepreneurs and business owners, many of whom seek their fortunes overseas. Click here for more information about L1 Visas for Italian Business Owners & Transferees

L1 Visas For Small Business

Watch our video to learn more about L1 Visas for small and medium sized enterprises

L1 Visas for Small Business
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L1 Visas For USA

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L1 Blog

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L1 Visa FAQs

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Why make Davies & Associates Your L1 Visa Lawyers

  • We have helped hundreds of clients obtain an L1 Visa with a 100% success rate
  • We assist with both existing-office and new-office L1 Visa applications
  • We assist all sizes of companies from large multinational companies to small businesses and sole proprietorships
  • Our corporate lawyers work closely with our immigration lawyers to ensure that the business has a qualifying relationship
  • Our team can assist with L1 visa renewals and also with switching to a Green Card

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Paolo Domingo
Paolo Domingo
4 months ago

5 stars and a high five! Thank you Verdie and Etta for assisting us with our change of status application. They were very professional and accommodating with all our questions and concerns throughout the process. Despite the time constraint, we pulled it off and we could not have done this without you guys! Keep up the good work!

Christine Envall
Christine Envall
a month ago

Getting my E2 Visa was a very in-depth process that took just over a year from when I committed to it, but 8 months from when I found a business I wanted to purchase. The only reason I'm giving 4 and not 5 stars is because the timeframe was a lot longer than expected from the initial information. Aside from the timing, Verdie and his team led me through the Visa process, providing all the guidance I needed to be successful, including advising me on the RIGHT type of Visa to suit my goals. Within the process I purchased a business and the greater Davies team included lawyer Rinat who helped me put the deal together. One of the biggest parts was my Business Plan which created from my info by Ana Ortiz, who did an incredible job. The process is certainly tedious and Verdie & Christina were always there to answer my questions, provide suggestions and advice and ensure I had all the documents I needed to support my application. I appreciated their patience with my questions and their advice and in the end, the application was so thorough the interview process was quick and easy. I highly recommend Davies & Associates and look forward to working with them again when it's time to renew my Visa.

Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh
5 months ago

I had talked with Alex Jovy, he was very quick to respond, had a lot of useful information which I was not aware of. Took time out of his day to discuss my situation and was very helpful. They go into a lot of detail which other companies do not. Overall a great service!

Eduardo Salvo
Eduardo Salvo
6 months ago

I received an world-class help in how to immigrate to the USA succesfully! Alex was very open to answer my questions and is definitely a professional in what he does! Strongly recommend this firm.

8 months ago

We were in a hurry and Verdie and the team were highly responsive and supportive, even when we threw in some curve balls along the way. We had our visas approved without any issues and felt confident and well prepared for document submissions and the interview. I'd certainly recommend this team for an E2 visa process.

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