Italy Property & Real-Estate Services

Our professional network throughout Italy provides clients with a full-service solution for acquiring and renting properties in Italy. We are able to represent you in any geographic location in Italy with finding and purchasing a home. A sampling of our services includes:

Property Search in Italy

Our Italy Real-Estate practice includes professionals that can assist you with finding a property in Italy. Whether you are seeking to buy or rent, our real-estate experts will represent you in every step of the property search process.

Whether you have specific preferences for locations, or are just starting out, we can guide you.

Please contact us today to learn more about searching for properties in Italy

Purchasing Property in Italy

Purchasing property in Italy requires a core-team of professionals to represent your best-interests. This may include legal representation, professional notary (i.e. notaio), licensed real-estate broker(s), and banking professionals. Depending on where you wish to acquire a property, each municipality may have its own nuances and requirements. There are also important considerations for structuring the transaction depending on whether you plan to own the property for your residence, or for other purposes, such as investment.

If you intend to finance your real-estate purchase (i.e. mortgage) it is important to understand the opportunities and challenges for going through an Italian banking institution. At the moment, Italy has very favorable interest rates (0.8-1.0%) for mortgages – however, there are important considerations for Non-Residents.

Renting Property in Italy

If you are seeking short or long-term rental accommodations in Italy, we can help you navigate the Italy rental market. Oftentimes, websites are catered towards Italian nationals, and do not take into consideration expatriates, or non-Italian speaking individuals seeking properties in Italy.

With our bilingual capabilities and real-estate savvy team, we are in a good position to help you secure a suitable rental property in Italy.

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