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Davies & Associates provides turn-key and custom-tailored solutions for all our business clients. From basic incorporation services to negotiating terms for complex mergers and acquisitions, you can rely on our talented team of corporate professionals to fulfill your corporate needs.

We represent businesses of all sizes, and have been retained by our clients as the law firm of choice for all business and legal related matters. Our industry sector experience provides substantial value for our international clientele, and it is our firm commitment to fully grasp the unique needs of your business. For most of our clients, this means having global resources, and the ability to provide international corporate solutions on a truly local level. Protecting your legal interests requires significant professional support.

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Knowing your business is the key to our success

Our Attorneys communicate directly with executives and senior-level managers to understand your company’s expansion goals. We typically have several in-depth consultations and meetings in order to outline the next steps.

For any business, there are a multitude of critical considerations when planning an international expansion. At D&A, we provide a full- service for our clients seeking to expand operations into the United States. From complex corporate structuring and global tax planning to handling all business visa matters, our turn-key solutions permit the client to continue to focus on the most important aspects of their business.

Most of our Agriculture and Commodities clients leverage their successful and cost-effective overseas operations in order to take full- advantage of a steady United States market demand and branch existing operations strategically into U.S. soil.

We have successfully supported these expansion initiatives by establishing a strategic business presence in the United States for our clients:

  • Sales & Marketing Office. Many of our overseas clients seek to grow aspects of their overseas production and commodities businesses by establishing a dedicated U.S. sales & marketing office space. Such efforts typically involve procuring a strategic lease- space, hiring 2+ employees, and transferring key personnel from the overseas entity.

  • Distribution Operations. A strong consumer marketplace in the United States for finished goods has led many of our clients to pursue expansion efforts into the United States distribution business. Leveraging overseas costs for goods and labor, our clients vertically integrate operations by forming corporate relationships between a newly formed U.S. and their Foreign Entity. These efforts typically require negotiating a leasehold, formalizing buyer/seller and distribution agreements, training U.S. based employees, and careful global tax planning.

  • Logistics & Warehousing. In order to strengthen international trade opportunities, a number of our CMP clients establish operational entities in the United States focusing on logistics and distribution. These import and export operations require careful corporate and global tax planning, procuring necessary trade licenses, insurance protection and hiring key U.S. based-employees.

Our Commitment

  • On-Site Visit. No matter where you are in the world, a D&A representative will visit your operations upon request. We are 100% committed to learning about your business operations, and we believe that the most effective way to truly understand our client’s business needs is to experience it for ourselves.

  • Dedicated Team of Professionals. We offer a powerful mix of legal professionals, corporate attorneys, global tax lawyers, visa specialists and client support services. At any given time, you may have four or five qualified experts addressing the particular needs of your case.

  • Turn-Key Solutions. For our clients who are expanding existing operations into a new marketplace, or investing in a new business enterprise, we know the value of having everything managed in one place. Our team of legal and business professionals is designed to provide full-service, turn- key solutions for all our clients.

  • Global Presence. Local Service. Being international mean having a local understanding of our clients needs. With offices strategically located throughout the world, D&A is able to provide global solutions on a truly local level. We have forged working alliances with legal and business professionals throughout the world, operate in multiple languages and across all time-zones.