Becoming a Tax Resident of Italy

Italy has long been viewed as an attractive place to live for its climate, cuisine, culture and history. Now it is possible to add taxation to that list, as the country introduces a more advantageous tax regime for foreign workers, pensioners and high-net-worth individuals.

Our lawyers across Italy help clients with becoming tax resident in Italy. Through an initial consultation, we are able to determine the best options given a client’s unique set of circumstances. This is determined by where they choose to settle, what the choose to do with their time, how they invest, and whether they bring a family with them.

Certain workers will be entitled to a reduced exposure to tax ranging from 70% to as much as 90% for those who settle in certain regions of southern Italy. Certain retirees can opt for a 7 percent annual flat tax on all overseas income with exclusions for properties outside Italy. High-net-worth individuals are also eligible for a flat-rate of €100,000 each year.

As with all tax, there is lots of nuance and so it is vital to engage with our attorneys to discuss your circumstances so they can advise of the best strategy for you.

High-Net-Worth Individuals
Income Tax
70% reduction for 5 years with potential 50% reduction for further 5 years
7% annual flat tax on overseas income
€100,000 annual flat tax with certain exclusions
Regional Benefits
Increased exemption for relocation to southern regions
Must retire to municipality in southern regions not exceeding 20,000 inhabitants
5 to 10 years
Up to 6 years
Up to 15 years
Applicant must commit to live in Italy for 2 years & conduct majority of business there
Must have foreign-sourced pension income & come from country with administrative cooperation with Italy
Must not have been tax resident in Italy for at least 9 of the previous 10 tax years