US Visa Options for Nigerians

Through our channel partners in Abuja and Lagos, Davies & Associates supports our clients in Nigeria and across West Africa, including Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ghana. For high-net-worth Nigerians, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa remains the most popular choice. The EB-5 Visa offers a relatively fast route to a US Green Card (permanent residence) for a minimum $900,000 investment. A single investment includes Green Cards for an entire family, with age restrictions applying for children.

For those seeking a more cost-effective route to the United States, the E-2 Visa allows a person to move for the purposes of owning and operating a business. There is no fixed investment requirement, but a minimum of $100,000 is a useful guide for planning purposes. Nigerians are not eligible for the E-2 visa, so Nigerians must first become a citizen of an eligible country. The countries with quick and cost-effective pathways to citizenship options for Nigeria are Turkey and Grenada. Both the E-2 and the citizenship by investment programs offer quick processing times, and some of our clients have relocated to America in as little as 9 months. More information on this process can be found here.

The number of EB-5 visas issued to Nigerians has tripled over the past five years. Each country is limited to 700 visas per year. Although Nigeria is not yet close to this limit, we have worked in other countries where demand has quickly increased, and the cap has been met. Countries that exceed the cap go into visa retrogression and its citizens face a waiting list.

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