E Visas for Korean Nationals

E  & L-1 Visas for Korean Nationals

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E-1 and E-2 Visa Solutions for Korean Nationals

Every year Korean nationals are one of the leading nationalities in terms of the number of successful E visa applicants. We assist Korean nationals to both expand existing businesses in the United States and establish new businesses using E-1, E-2, L-1 and EB-5 visas. We have been described as “the very best E visa lawyers [working with] Korean nationals” and while there are never any guarantees to date no application we have prepared for one of our Korean clients has been denied.

E Visas Solution for Korean NationalsIs an E Visa the Right Solution for You?

E visas can be a wonderful solution for Korean nationals looking to open a business or invest in the United States. We will help you assess whether an E visa is the right solution for you and provide you with clear guidance as to how to position yourself to make a successful E visa application.

How Can We Help You?

Our business and investor visa team specializes in assisting business owners, investors and entrepreneurs from around-the-world open and expand businesses in the United States. Our approach is different to that of other US immigration law firms in that we focus on devising unique immigration strategies tailor made for each of our clients that meet their real business and immigration needs. We are not and never will be a “visa mill”.

In addition to immigration lawyers our Korea E visa team includes tax and corporate specialists who are able to assist your business begin or expand operations in the United States. Crafting the right solutions that narrowly meet your specific business and personal needs is our number one priority.

US Immigration Services for KoreaKnowing Your Business, A Key Differentiator

Our firm believes that in order to file the very best visa application possible it is critical that we get to know and understand your business. We will take the time to get to learn about your business and, where possible and convenient, we will visit your business. Our goal is to be your long-term partner and in doing so to render the very best US immigration services available.

E-1, E-2 Visas and Business Plans

A solid business plan is an indispensible part of a successful E-1 or E-2 visa application. Our firm pairs experienced Wharton MBA trained business immigration lawyers with a team of business plan analysts dedicated to preparing business plans for E-1 and E-2 visa applications. Our Korean E-visa business plan team understands the nuances of Korean culture and business methodology.

Specialized Tax Considerations for Korean E Visa Holders

Korean nationals pay many hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes owing to poor tax planning. While we are a US immigration law firm specializing in assisting business owners, entrepreneurs and investors we see properly addressing tax issues as a critical part of a successful E visa approach. For this reason we have a dedicated international tax lawyer as part of our Korean E visa team. Additional information on tax considerations for Korean E-visa applicants can be found by clicking here.

E Visa Business for Korean NationalBringing Employees to the United States

If your business is qualified as a Korean E visa business you may have the ability to obtain E visas for certain Korean national non-investor employees and bring them to the United States to work in your US business. The requirements in this context are complex and we invite you to call our office for further details.

Discussing your Case in Seoul, a Unique Advantage

While the lawyers in our Korea immigration team are based in the United States, our E and L visa immigration lawyers visit our clients in South Korea where to our knowledge we are the only us-based immigration to maintain an office facility in Seoul. We are available to our Korean clients seven days a week by telephone and internet, we can also make arrangements you meet with you in our office facility in Seoul, South Korea.

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