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What is an L-1 Visa?

The L-1 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa. The L-1 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa. An L1 visa grants the successful applicant and their family the right to live and work in the United States.

There are three types of L1 visas:
L1A Visa for International Mangers and Executives;
L1B Visa for Specialist Workers; and
L2 visa for Dependents of L1 visa workers.

Benefits of the L1 Visa?

  • Can lead to an immigration visa, or Permanent Residency, in the United States (a "Green Card").
  • Does not require extraordinary ability.
  • No significant investment required -- an L1 vis his not an investor visa.
  • L2 visa dependents are able to work for any employer in the United States.
  • The L1 does not require labor certification

L-1 Visa Basics For Indian Applicants

How is an L-1 Visa Used?

Indian businesses bring their owners, key employees and intra-company transferees to the United States using an L Visa. Many clients use the L-1a visa, L-1b visa and other nonimmigrant visas to start a business in the United States.
Our L1 visa immigration attorneys are experienced in working with clients from multiple industries across India. They understand the specific issues that Indian clients may face. Our immigration law firm can help you adjust to doing business in the United States. We can also provide information on the available visa options.

How Long does an L Visa Last?

An L1A visa has a maximum validity of 7 years plus recapture time.
An L1B visa has a maximum validity of 5 years plus recapture time.

An L visa issued to a new business is issued for an initial period of one year after which time the visa can be extended.

Read how to extend your L1 visa

Read how to turn your L1 Visa into a Green Card


What Businesses Qualify for the L-1 Visa?

Business from any industry can qualify for an L-1 visa. We commonly provide our clients with successful case studies from their and other industries.
Examples of businesses started by Indian clients in the US for visa purposes include:

  • Hair salons L1 to Green Card Success!
  • Warehouses L1 to Green Card Success!
  • Heathcare Businesses L1 to Green Card Success!
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants L1 to Green Card Success!
  • Hotels L1 to Green Card Success!
  • Factories L1 to Green Card Success!
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Gas Stations L1 to Green Card Success!
  • Garden Centers
  • Trucking Companies L1 to Green Card Success!
  • IT Consulting L1 to Green Card Success!

For detailed case studies please visit our case studies page.

Establishing a New Office or New Business in America Using an L1 Visa

Offices or businesses less than one year old are deemed to be “New Offices”. New Offices are subject to a special set of rules known as the “New Office Rules”. Click here to learn more about the New Offices Rules.

A New US Business: The L-1 Visa Application Process

A successful L visa application can be broken down into a number of steps:

Step 1 Understanding Your Business

Obtaining a solid understanding of BOTH your Indian business and US business is the first step in the L1 visa intracompany transfer visa program. In addition to providing you with a business plan questionnaire, our India-based visa lawyers will often visit your business in India.

Step 2 - Business Plan Preparation

Unless you are a very established or multinational business a properly prepared business plan is completely critical. USCIS have confirmed this on a number of occasions. A guide to business plan preparation can be found be clicking on this link.

Step 3 - Business Entity Name Availability and Name Reservation

A foreign company wishing to operate in the US must choose a business name. This name will be used for their US business. Names too similar to the names of other business are not allowed. Once you have decided on a business name our firm will then reserve that name so only you can use it.

Step 4 - Trademark Registration

Registering your trademarks and protecting them in the United States can be critical. Davies & Associates have specialist trademark lawyers who can assist with the trademark registration process.

Step 5 - ITIN Number

Most clients coming to the United States are well advised to obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN number may be required to open a bank account and is helpful to obtaining other business registrations and licenses. An ITIN is also helpful in obtaining an employer identification number.

Step 6 - Structuring Your US Business

To apply for an inter-company transfer visa the US business must be "related" to the Indian business. It is critical that businesses structure their US presence with both US and Indian taxation considerations in mind. Common choices of business entity include partnerships, LLCs, C-Corps and other forms of corporation.

Step 7 - Business Formation and Registered Agent (Visa Required?)

Davies & Associates will establish your US business and apply for all of the necessary licenses and permits. The documentation we create will be needed for: (1) opening a bank account; and (2) your US visa application in the United States.   USCIS and the consulate typically require proof of necessary licenses and permits before issuing a visa. For some licenses a visa may be required, in those cases our firm will assist you in address the issue.

Step 8 - EIN and State Employment Registration

Every business in the United States requires an employee identification number (“FEIN”). Davies & Associate’s business lawyers will assist you to obtain and EIN. In addition to the EIN we will register you as an employer in the relevant US State.

Step 9 - Opening a Business Bank Account

Your EIN and incorporation documents should enable you to open a business bank account in the United States. We can assist if you have difficulties.

Step 10 - Find Business Premises

USCIS will want to see that you have businesses premises which are appropriate for the size and nature of your business. Our business lawyers will assist you to negotiate, and where necessary, draft an L1 visa compliant lease.  The spouse and dependent family of an L-1 visa holder is eligible for an L-2 visa. An L-2 visa holder has the unrestricted right to live anywhere in the United States and work for any employer.

Step 11 – I-129 Application

Your lawyer will prepare form I-129 and file it with USCIS in the United States.

Step 12 – L Visa Application or COS

If you are in India your case will be forwarded to the applicable US consulate in India for visa processing. If you are in the United States then you have an option to processing application for Change of Status (“COS”).
Click here for an explanation of the differences and advantages of COS over consular processing.

How long does an L1 Visa Application Take?

One of the most common questions is “How much time does L1 visa processing take?”
L1 visa processing times are the combination of two factors:
L1 Visa Processing Time = USCIS I-129 Processing Time + Consular Processing Time

You can obtain an updated case status online from USCIS

I-129 Processing Time

Processing for I-129 can take many months. There are some ways to improve I-129 processing time:

I-129 Processing Time
L1 Blanket Visas. USCIS processing time can be avoided for businesses filing for the L1 blanket visa. In India all L1 visa blanket cases are processed in Chennai.
Premium Processing. Paying the USCIS premium processing fee usually results in an I-129 adjudication time of less than two weeks.
Avoiding RFEs. I-129 processing times will be substantially delayed if you receive a Request for Evidence (“RFE”). RFEs can be avoided by engaging an experienced L1 visa lawyer to prepare a fully detailed I-129 visa filing package. 

Consular Processing Times

Consular Processing Times Consular processing times vary by consulate and can be found at this link.
Generally the consulate that covers the area where you reside will adjudicate your case.
An exception in India are L1 blanket visas which are all handled in Chennai.
For information on Consular Processing Times by consulate, Consular Processing Fees and Avoiding Consular Delays please visit L1 Visa Processing in India.

How Much Does and L1 Visa Application Cost in India?

1. Immigration Lawyer Fees

Different immigration lawyers charge different fees for prosecuting your visa application. In our experience these fees vary from about USD 5,000 to about USD 30,000.

2. US Government Fees

These are divided into two categories:

  • Business Set-Up Fees

    These fees will vary depending on the State and industry your business is in.  While some businesses do not require a license to operate in America others do. Fees vary but are generally just a few hundred US dollars.

  • L1 Application Fees: The cost of an L visa Application:

    For an L visa application there are two sets of Visa Fees:

    • Paid to USCIS
      • I-129 Fee $460
      • Anti-Fraud Fee $500
      • $2,500 Premium Processing Fee
    • Paid to the Consulate (Visa Issuance Fees)
  • Annual Business Fee

    In some States you will be charged a small annual or bi-annual registration fee. Paying this very small fee of up to USD 200 is critical to maintaining your L visa status.    Our firm can take care of this for you each year and make sure if is paid in a timely manner.

3. Corporate Lawyer fees

You will need a corporate lawyer to properly set-up and document your US business.

Funding Your US Business: Moving Money Out of India

Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS)

You need to plan how to move funds out of India to fund your new business in America. Many business owners are able to fund their US business using the Reserve Bank of India’s ("RBI’s”) Liberalized Remittance Scheme (“LRS”). Other clients resort to other authorized money transfer rules that pertain strictly to Indian businesses opening branches and offices abroad.

Tax Collection at Source (TCS)

In July of 2023 India will start withholding TCS of 20% for funds moved out of India. It is important to understand this new rule and when it can legal be avoided.
Follow in this link for more on the RBI’s LRS transfer rules.

Document Job Descriptions in Great Detail

USCIS has heightened its scrutiny of job descriptions and roles. Every case requires a detailed job description not just for an L1 visa applicant but for their subordinates as well. The role of an L1A visa manager applicant must be described in great detail, a mere job description is insufficient.

Insist Your Lawyer Takes the Time to Visit Your Indian Business

Your lawyer has to explain your Indian business to the US government. The US consulates in India report that the largest reason for L visa failure is incomplete documentation of an Indian business. Understanding and documenting your Indian business is key. There is no substitution for visiting your business as part of the business documentation process.
A thorough underrating of both you Indian and US businesses enables a business visa lawyer to ensure that a proper business plan is prepared. Filing a proper business plan it critical to L visa success.

US consulate in Hyderabad
Paigah Palace, 1-8-323, Chiran Fort Lane, Begumpet, Secunderabad 500 003
Office: +91-40-4033-8300

India is a nation of entrepreneurs and business owners, many of whom seek their fortunes overseas. Click here for more information about Immigration Options for Indian Nationals and Businesses

How to Apply for an L1 Visa in India

Unless you are applying for a blanket L1 Visa the first step in obtaining an L1 visa involves your employer filing form I-129 with USCIS. Once form I-129 is approved you will need to obtain an L visa in the applicable consulate.

While the application processes at different US consulates varies all banket L1 visa applications need to be made in Chennai.

Apply for an L1 Visa in India:

Solutions by City:

Select a City for local information

Questions Frequently Asked about L1 Visa Applicants

As of date, no L visa case filed for an Indian national by our firm has ever been denied. In fact, no visa case we have filed on behalf of an Indian client has ever been denied.
Our strategy is to present every case as optimally as possible, no exceptions.

While your US business does NOT have to be in the same industry as your Indian business it must be “Related” to your Indian business.

US Immigration will thoroughly examine your business. Although not required, t is extremely helpful to be able to show some logical connection between the Indian and US business.
Under US law a “Related” business is one that is either a “subsidiary”, “branch” or “affiliate” of your Indian business. These three concepts are associated with the ownership structure of your business, not the industry it serves.

From an immigration perspective the choice of "subsidiary" or "affiliate" are generally preferable. The choice can also have an ENORMOUS consequences for Indian clients from a taxation perspective, BOTH proper Indian and US tax guidance is strongly advised.
Our firm can guide you through all of these considerations.

Yes. The spouse of an L-1 visa holder obtains an L-2 visa allowing them to work in the United States. Please contact our office for further details.

There are several ways for and L-1a visa holder to qualify for Permanent Residency in the United States.

We believe that a successful business plan needs to be prepared as a collaborative effort between the client, an immigration lawyer, a corporate lawyer and an immigration business plan analyst. Our specialist L visa business plan team provides US business expansion services and incorporates both business analysts and lawyers. We believe we are unique in this approach. Click here to find out more about Immigration Business Plans.

We ensure that each client has a team with the precise skills needed to address their exact needs. Our client teams typically include:
(1) a specialist American L visa lawyer who is experienced assisting Indian businesses;
(2) a US international tax lawyer and the client's Indian tax advisor or CA; and
(3) a corporate lawyer familiar with the client’s specific industry.
The lack of availability of E-2 and other visa options for Indian nationals makes the L-1A visas feature in many of our Indian clients’ visa strategies

While current waiting times are given in the US State Department’s website at the following page https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/employment/temporary-worker-visas.html it may be possible to speed-up the interview process by either:
- Apply for an expedited appointment
- Move your visa appointment to another consulate where there is a lower wait time

While the maximum validity of an L1A visa is seven (7) year. and L1B visa is five (5) years “recapture” time for time spent outside the US during the visa validity period may be able to be added back at the end of the initial visa term.
Extensions are also possible for applicants who have timely filed for US Permanent Residency.
Other possibility exist which should be discussed with an experienced US L visa lawyer.

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Christine Envall
Christine Envall
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Getting my E2 Visa was a very in-depth process that took just over a year from when I committed to it, but 8 months from when I found a business I wanted to purchase. The only reason I'm giving 4 and not 5 stars is because the timeframe was a lot longer than expected from the initial information. Aside from the timing, Verdie and his team led me through the Visa process, providing all the guidance I needed to be successful, including advising me on the RIGHT type of Visa to suit my goals. Within the process I purchased a business and the greater Davies team included lawyer Rinat who helped me put the deal together. One of the biggest parts was my Business Plan which created from my info by Ana Ortiz, who did an incredible job. The process is certainly tedious and Verdie & Christina were always there to answer my questions, provide suggestions and advice and ensure I had all the documents I needed to support my application. I appreciated their patience with my questions and their advice and in the end, the application was so thorough the interview process was quick and easy. I highly recommend Davies & Associates and look forward to working with them again when it's time to renew my Visa.

Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh
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I had talked with Alex Jovy, he was very quick to respond, had a lot of useful information which I was not aware of. Took time out of his day to discuss my situation and was very helpful. They go into a lot of detail which other companies do not. Overall a great service!

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Eduardo Salvo
6 months ago

I received an world-class help in how to immigrate to the USA succesfully! Alex was very open to answer my questions and is definitely a professional in what he does! Strongly recommend this firm.

8 months ago

We were in a hurry and Verdie and the team were highly responsive and supportive, even when we threw in some curve balls along the way. We had our visas approved without any issues and felt confident and well prepared for document submissions and the interview. I'd certainly recommend this team for an E2 visa process.

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