Davies & Associates is the only US law firm to hold a license issued by the Government of Grenada to operate the Grenadian Citizenship by Investment Program. Our license is help by our Singaporean subsidiary named Global Citizenship Services, Pte. Ltd. The Government of Grenada publishes a list of entities licensed to operate the Grenadian Citizenship by Investment program which can be found by following this link.

What is Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI)?

You can quickly obtain a Grenadian passport by making either an investment in or a financial donation to Grenada. Nicknamed the Spice of the Caribbean, Grenada is a stunning, English-speaking island, rich in white sandy beaches, lush green vegetation, and buzzing coral reefs. The country has a stable government and a well-established investment environment.
Grenada offers a fast pathway to citizenship for investors who are able to invest in or donate money to the country. With costs starting from just $150,000 USD and processing times of three (3) months or less, Grenada has one of the fastest and most cost-effective citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs in the world.

Benefits of Grenada citizenship

  • Cost-effective route to Grenada citizenship (starting from $150,000 USD)
  • Donation and real estate-investment options available Access to the United States E2 Visa
  • Strong and stable economy
  • Fast processing times (less than three months)
  • No requirement to be physically present in Grenada to apply
  • No residency requirements in Grenada to maintain citizenship
  • No taxation on worldwide income
  • Spouse, children and parents can be included
  • Dual Citizenship is permitted
  • Grenada Passport: Strong Passport - Citizens of Grenada can travel without visa restrictions to 127 countries, including the UK, the EU and China

Grenada Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

Grenada has held an E2 Treaty with the United States since 1989. Citizens of Grenada are eligible for the E2 Treaty Investor Visa, which means they are permitted to move to the US to invest in and run a business.

There are no time limits on an E2 Visa and it is possible to keep renewing it for as long as the underlying business is in operation. Franchise options are available for people who do not know which type of business they wish to run in America.

Spouses can accompany the primary applicant and can also apply for a US work permit with considerably more flexibility than other work visas like the H-1B visa. Dependent children under the age of 21 can also join their parents in America.

Whilst Grenadian citizenship is not an automatic pathway to a US visa, Grenada is an E2 treaty country with the United States. The E2 Visa program provides a fast, effective route to expanding or establishing a business in the United States.

Davies & Associates is a leading law firm in assisting with E2 Visas. Processing times for E2 Visas are very short, sometimes as little as one month. Many of our clients chose to pursue an E2 Visa as a way to live and work in the United States, while their application for an EB-5 visa is pending. EB-5 visas have an average processing time of two years, but some countries are facing longer “retrogression” delays because demand is so high. E2 Visas are a useful way of mitigating the wait time.

Can I apply for E2 Visa if I acquire Grenada Citizenship by Investment by Donation?

Yes, you can still apply for the US E2 Treaty Investor Visa regardless of whether you take the Grenada CBI real estate or donation route. There is a commonly held misconception that you are not eligible for an E2 Visa if you choose the donation route - this is incorrect. Eligibility for the E2 Visa is determined by the citizenship of an E2 Treaty Country Grenada is an E2 Country and its citizens are eligible for the E2 Visa, no matter which pathway to citizenship you choose.

No Tax on Worldwide Income

Davies & Associates has forged close relationships with all the stakeholders in Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Programme and have success in helping people from around the world achieve citizenship of this forward-looking country.

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In terms of cost for Grenada Citizenship, investors have two main options: a $150,000 donation to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund or an investment in Real Estate that starts from $220,000 with an additional $50,000 government fee. Through our strong presence on the island, Davies & Associates is able to help our clients navigate the investment opportunities. Upon request, our senior staff will visit the island with clients and introduce them to key stakeholders including members of government, as well as investment fund managers and real estate developers.

Donation Route Real Estate Route Partial Investment
Investment $150,000 $350,000 $220,000
Government Fee N/A $50,000 $50,000
Application Fee $1,500 $1,500 $1,500

Based upon a single applicant, all fees in USD see below for families

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Processing times are extremely fast by any standards with most applications taking less than three months with no requirement to visit the island. The application process begins with the applicant selecting an international marketing agent. Global Citizenshipb Services is an international marketing agent for the Grenada CBI program. Applicants also need a local marketing agent.

The applicant needs to work with the agents to prepare the application form, as well as a medical examination, and provide English documents of legal documents (translated where necessary). Your local agent will submit the document to the Grenadian authorities and act as your go-between for all correspondence. The authorities conduct due diligence and if your application is successful you must pay the donation or show proof of your investment so citizenship documents can be granted.

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The rules of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme are strict but simple. Applicants must have a clean criminal record and be able to verify their source of funds. There is no requirement to reside in Grenada before or after citizenship is granted and there is no tax on worldwide income. Dependent children under the age of 30 are included.

Find out our top reasons to choose Grenada Citizenship by Investment at the bottom of the page.

With D&A's support, the whole process can run fast and smoothly. A well-prepared application combined with the efficiency of the Grenadian authorities, means that processing time takes an average of just two months.

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A Grenada citizenshipapplication can be broadened out to include other family members. The primary applicant can also choose to include a spouse, dependent children and dependent parents. The costs and fees increase for additional family members under the donation route. The donation of $150,000 (USD) for a single applicant increases to $200,000 for an additional three family members and an additional $25,000 for each additional dependent beyond those three.

Neither the investment requirement nor the government fee increases under the real-estate route as you bring up to three qualifying family members. An additional $25,000 USD is levied in government fees for each additional family member after the third. The application fee is $1,500 per person under both the donation and real-estate investment routes dropping to $500 for anyone under the age of 18.

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Spouses are eligible for Grenada citizenship by virtue of their marriage to a Grenadian citizen. It is therefore possible for one spouse to apply for Grenadian citizenship through the CBI programme and the other spouse to apply for Grenadian citizenship through marriage at a later date. While this may save on investment costs vs. a joint application, it takes much longer to become a Grenadian citizen through marriage than through the CBI program. Processing times for the CBI program are just two to three months, whereas a spouse could wait two years for citizenship through marriage. Certain fees are still applicable to single applicants with spouses and children who are not filing a joint CBI application.

The nationality of a spouse does not matter when it comes to applying for the United States E2 Visa. The primary applicant for E2 must be a citizen of an E2 Treaty Country, but the spouse and children of the primary applicant do not need to be citizens of an E2 Treaty Country. In theory, this means that only the primary applicant need obtain Grenada citizenship as a pathway to the E2 Visa application. While this may make the Grenada + E2 route more financially viable to certain investors, there are nuances to this approach, so we advise you contact our team to discuss your personal circumstances.

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Grenada does not levy a tax on the worldwide income of its citizens. Therefore, CBI applicants who have property and business outside Grenada are not subject to new taxes. Citizens are taxed on their commercial activities within the island.

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Once you become a citizen of Grenada, you are not required to renounce any other citizenships you hold. Grenada permits dual citizenship. You should discuss with your immigration attorney about whether the other country or countries in which you have citizenship permit dual citizenship. India, for example, does not permit dual citizenship but has something called Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status that can be held together with Grenada citizenship. This offers most of the benefits with the main restrictions being on the ability to hold office, work in government jobs, and own agricultural land in India.

Grenada Passport

Grenada has a strong and unique passport. Citizens of Grenada do not require a visa to visit China, and they are also granted visa-freeaccess to the European Union and the United Kingdom. Grenadians can visit the key business hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong without a visa as well. Grenadians are also eligible for the United States E2 Treaty Investor Visa. Applicants for this much sought-after visa must come from a Treaty that holds an E2 Treaty with the United States. While Grenada has just such an E2 Treaty, countries like India, China, Russia, South Africa and Vietnam do not. Some Grenada CBI applicants are motivated to apply because of it opens up the E2 Visa.

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Grenada Citizenship offers one of the best all-round citizenship-by-investment programs in the world. Many of our clients are motivated by the E2 Visa and one alternative solution is Turkey’s CBI program. Turkey’s CBI program is slightly more expensive and takes slightly longer to process than Grenada’s CBI program, but some people prefer Turkey for cultural or geographical reasons. Turkey is well situated as a major transportation hub at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Turkey offers citizenship for a real estate investment from $250,000 USD or with bank deposits of $500,000 (USD)

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There has been growing interest in Grenada Citizenship by Investment among Non-Resident Indians after the Indian government changed taxation rules on NRIs in April 2021. NRIs in the Gulf States including Indians in Kuwait, Indians in Saudi Arabia, Indians in the UAE, Indians in Hong Kong, Indians in Bahrain and beyond, are interested in Grenada’s citizenship by investment program. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are interested in Grenada’s program because it offers a fast route to citizenship (< 3 months), a cost-effective path to citizenship (starting from $150,000 USD), and no taxation on worldwide income. Grenada allows dual citizenship, but India does not.

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Why make Davies & Associates Your Grenada CBI application Lawyers

  • Davies & Associates has a track record of helping clients successfully obtain a Grenadian passport through the Citizenship by Investment Programme.
  • As a US-headquartered law firm, we are able to couple that Grenada passport with an E2 Visa application for people who are not from an E2 Treaty Country (e.g. India, China, South Africa, Vietnam).
  • We were one of the first firms to couple the Grenada CBI application and the E2 Visa application in this way.
  • Our sister organization holds an international marketing agent's license for the Grenada CBI Programme, which places us in a strong position to support our clients in this matter.

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