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With a strong team on the ground coupled with expertise in a range of global citizenship and residency programs, D&A is uniquely positioned to help South Africans make their move overseas.

Our South Africa immigration lawyers are able to help South Africans whatever their chosen destination. This has typically been the United Kingdom, Mauritius or Europe. Yet we are seeing growing interest in our core market, the United States.

EB5 Visa for South Africans

The EB5 Investor Visa that has experienced the sharpest growth of any visa category among South Africans. There has been a six-fold increase in the number of EB5 Visas issued to South Africans since 2014. This visa is the fastest route to a US Green Card for individuals or families that are able to make a $900,000 investment. A Green Card offers a whole range of benefits, including the freedom to live, work, retire or study anywhere in the United States.

L1 visas for South Africans

There has also been growth in the number of L visas issued to South Africans, albeit at a slower rate thanEB5. The L1 visa allows for the intracompany transfer of employees between the South African office and an American office of the same company. Davies & Associates specializes in helping companies set-up a new American office for the purposes of transferring employees on an L1 visa.

For employees of foreign companies who plan to live and work in the U.S. as executives, managers or other persons with specialized knowledge of their companies, being able to document employment is a key part of the South Africa work visa process. Specifically, you need to prove that you worked for the company for at least one year out of the most recent three years.

In order to obtain an L1 visa to transfer to the U.S. as an executive, manager or other person with specialized knowledge, South Africa immigration requirements stipulate that you must have worked in one of those capacities abroad already. However, you do not have to work in the same capacity in the U.S., as long as it is still one of those three capacities.

More Information on L1 visas Grenada Citizenship by Investment and E2 Visas

We are also seeing increasing number of inquiries from South Africans seeking another passport to allow them to travel more seamlessly around the world. One popular option is the Grenada passport, which allows for visa-free travel to 50% more countries than the South African passport, including to the UK, the EU, Hong Kong, Singapore and the People’s Republic of China.

The Grenada passport also makes South Africans eligible for the United States E2 Visa, which allows the holder to live in the United States for the purpose of owning and operating a business.

More Information on E2 Grenada Corporate and Tax Support

Relocating overseas can be a complicated process, not least because it means contending with different tax laws and the challenges of setting up a business or buying a home. D&A is a fullservice immigration law firm which offers a range of tax advice and corporate legal services to our clients.

UK Services for South Africa Nationals

D&A maintains a strong presence in London and has experience assisting South African Nationals with the UK Innovator Visa, UK Work Visas and UK Star-up Visa.

More information on UK Visas and Immigration Italian and EU Immigration and Visa Options

In addition to serving South African clients with US and UK option D&A is also one of Italy’s largest and most successful immigration law firms.

Many South Africans are unaware of the advantages of the Italian representative office visa, the Italian Elective Visa option and other Italian visa options.

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In addition, D&A maintains a presence in Lisbon, Portugal form where we assist South African and other client with the Portuguese Residency by Investment program. Unlike other agents in the market D&A is a law firm and does not earn commissions and referral bonuses from investments made by our clients, in fact we return any such commissions and invective payments to our clients.

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To date, the team of experienced immigration attorneys at D&A have helped hundreds of businesses, individuals, and families around the world relocate to the U.S., the U.K, Turkey, Grenada, Portugal, Italy, and elsewhere. We operate from offices around the globe, offering direct, local support to help ease the stress of obtaining immigration permits, visas and work permits from South Africa. We know that immigration problems can arise at any time, so we make a point of returning phone calls seven days a week.

Our immigration lawyers are regarded as the best legal professionals in the markets and industries they serve. We are adept at finding innovative, creative solutions to immigration issues that may, at first glance, seem impossible to solve. Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients meet their personal and business goals in a cost-effective manner.

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