Visas for Fiancées, Married Couples and Families

visa to green card for familyOverview:

For fifteen years our difference has started and ended with our clients. We focus on the compelling need to keep families together and are retained by families from all-over-the world. While past performance is not a guarantee of future success we are proud of our 100% success rate with family-based visas, to-date we have never had a visa application we have prepared denied.

We assist many families with a path that leads from a visa to a green card and, for those who want it and qualify, to a US passport.

Relatives Who May Qualify for a Green Card Include:
  • A spouse or unmarried children of a U.S. Citizen or
  • Permanent Resident
  • Children (married or single) of the U.S Citizen (over the age of
  • twenty-one)
  • Parents of the U.S citizen (over the age of twenty-one)
  • Siblings of a U.S. Citizen
  • Orphan child/Adoptee (under sixteen)
  • Children of U.S. serviceman from the Vietnam or Korean Wars
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