EB5 Visa for Vietnamese Investor: Direct versus Regional Center - what is the better option

EB5 Visa for Vietnamese Investor 2023 – 2024: Direct versus Regional Center – what’s the better option?

On 12/2/2023, a special global migration and investing event was organized in Ho Chi Minh City by John Hu Migration Consulting, with one of the notable topics being to explain the ins and outs of the EB-5 visa program, attracting Vietnamese businesses and investors looking for opportunities in the United States.

During the event, Mr. Mark Davies, who is the Managing Partner at Davies & Associates LLC, and Mr. Simon Thien Nguyen, an experienced Investment Consultant, shared valuable insights about the various options within the EB-5 visa program for Vietnamese Investors. They aimed to help Vietnamese investors understand the different visa choices available for starting a business in the U.S.

Key Points about EB-5 Visa outlooks for Vietnamese in 2023 – 2024:

Mr. Davies led the discussion, providing a summary of the EB-5 program and explaining the choices for Vietnamese investors. The speaker went into the details of the EB-5 program, giving everyone a clear idea about the visa paths that businesses and investors can explore.

EB5 Direct vs. Regional Center:

A key point discussed at the event was Mr. Mark Davies talking about a common problem that investors often face: deciding between the EB-5 Direct and EB-5 Regional Center programs.

He stressed how important it is to reduce risks, especially when considering the Regional Center option. Mr. Davies pointed out the benefit of involving different parties within the Regional Center structure, offering clients more support and lessening the responsibility of managing an EB-5 business on their own. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of job creation in the Direct EB5 model, where creating and maintaining 10 jobs is a requirement.

Interactive EB5 Q&A Session:

EB5 Visa for Vietnamese Investor: Direct versus Regional Center - what is the better option

We also had an interactive session where Mr. Davies answered questions from the audience, including concerns about using Escrow accounts. His responses emphasized the importance of having a reliable law firm oversee the process, ensuring that investors’ funds are handled securely according to EB-5 regulations.

In conclusion, Davies & Associates LLC, represented by Mr. Mark Davies and Mr. Simon Thien Nguyen, really seeks to help everyone understand the EB-5 visa program through reality – proven case studies.

The event also showcased the firm’s expertise in immigration law and addressed important concerns for investors, such as the use of Escrow accounts. By providing clarity on these aspects, Davies & Associates LLC hope to continue supporting businesses and investors navigating the complex world of the EB-5 program successfully.

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