Client Q & A on Eb-2 Visa

L-1A Visa to EB-1A Visa: Permanent Residency for Research Scientist in “Extraordinary Ability” Category

We are delighted to share that we have secured an approval of an EB-1A petition for a Research Scientist and R&D Leader of Extraordinary Ability from India.

The EB-1A Visa is an employment-based Green Card (US Permanent Residency) for people who can demonstrate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. Applicants are scored against a list of ten criteria and must meet at least three of them. Read the criteria here.

The Petitioner is a R&D Director (Lead Research Scientist) of a multinational company whose work has been focused on providing relief and healing through their various hair care and skincare brands. Over the years, he has led the formulation of specialized actives, which helps to eliminate flakes, dryness and itchiness which simultaneously nourishing the hair and skin. 

As the R&D Director (Lead Research Scientist), he leads the development of all skincare products worldwide, and all skincare products within the North American markets of the multinational company.  The successes of multinational company are made possible by the expertise of the Scientists such as the petitioner, who work tirelessly to invent and improve the products and company’s brand. 

The client is currently in the US on the L-1A visa working for a multinational company. The L-1A visa permits the intracompany transfer of managers to the existing or newly established US business of the same firm. Crucially, the L-1A is a “dual intent visa”. This means that prospective applicants do not need to demonstrate an intent to depart the United States and are permitted to actively seek a Green Card during their stay. Read more about the L-1 visa.

Congratulations to Verdie Atienza and his team, especially Etta Johnson, for their hard work.

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