Client Care at US Business Immigration Law Firm - Davies & Associates

Davies & Associates was founded on the principal that our clients always come first. As our firm has grown internationally, client responsiveness and excellence of service have remained paramount.

We have taken the step of forming a Client Care team. This team is composed of professionals who do not practice law and whose sole function is to ensure the excellence of our client experience.

Given our strength in Asia and the United States and the time zones involved, our client care team is headquartered from London with presences in India and New York.

  • Client Care in London and Europe
  • Client Care in India and Asia
  • Client Care in the Americas
Client Care in London and Europe

In Europe, our Client Care team is based in London. Given the vast time zones over which our firm operates, London is the natural center of our client care program. Our Chief Client Care officer reached out to our clients across Asia and the United States.

Sanjay Mistry - Client Care in London and Europe

Sanjay Mistry
Senior Director of Global Client Services & CSR
London, England
[email protected]

Client Care in India and Asia

In Asia, our Regional Client Care officer sits in Delhi, in India. From Delhi we ensure that our clients across Asia continue to receive the excellence in service for which our firm has become known internationally.

Neena Singh - Client Care in India and Asia

Neena Singh
Director of Client Services, Asia Region
New Delhi, India
[email protected]

Client Care in the Americas

As a US law firm, most of our lawyers and legal staff are based in our various locations across the United States. Our US clients are also supported by our New York-based US client care team. Our New York client care team supports our clients across the United States and the Americas Region and are backed-up by our Chief Client Services Officer in London.

David Cantor - Immigration Lawyer in America & New York

David Cantor
Director of Client Services, Americas
New York, NY, USA
[email protected]
+1 (646) 415-8023