Portugal Immigration


Portugal has implemented a residence permit program that allows foreign citizens to obtain a temporary residence permit and freely circulate within the Schengen Area, through certain eligible investments (e.g. real estate and capital investments among others). Investors are required to a minimum period of 14 days stay per each 2 years, for a minimum period of 5 years. Family regrouping is also available under the Portuguese program.

On February 16th, 2023 the Portuguese government proposed the closure of the Portugal Golden Visa Programme as a measure aimed at addressing the housing problem in the country. The proposal is now under consultation and will change once the law is approved by Parliament to pass the legislation, validated by the President of the Republic, and published. Until then, the current law for the Visa still stands and the new law will not apply retroactively to current applications and renewals. The program will effectively change once the law is approved by Parliament.

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Portuguese Residency By Investment

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This article has been written by Vy Nguyen, Paralegal & Investment Visa Specialist Practice Team at Davies & Associates.