E-2 Investor Visa Services in the United Kingdom: Why Choose Davies & Associates?

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Why Choose D&A London for your E-2 Visa?

  • Commonly regarded as the leading E-2 visa firm supporting UK Nationals.
  • Featured monthly in National and International media.
  • As of June 2017, no case we have filed for a UK National has ever been denied.
  • Your firm was founded by a UK Solicitor who emigrated to the US.
  • Offer integrated E-2 visa and corporate legal support to your US business.
  • Each case is staffed by a team of experienced lawyers who straddle the Atlantic.
  • Focused on partnering with our clients to ensure their long-term success in the US.
  • D&A is commonly chosen when a client has used another law firm and had their case denied, to-date we have been able have all these cases approved.
  • Complete support available to ensure your US business success:
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    • Highly experienced and dedicated E2 visa legal team.
    • Specialist corporate lawyers for business set-up, employment agreements and other business law issues.
    • US tax law department to advise on proper tax structure.
  • Local presence in London together with experience with the US consulate in London.
  • No limitation on attorney hours spent on your case or questions.
  • Able to function as an external general counsel to our clients.
  • Present in many major US markets with the ability to support the establishment and growth of your business.
  • D&A is itself a business started in the US by a UK Citizen that has grown to be one of the leading firms in its sector on a global basis.