E-1 Treaty Trader Visas for UK Nationals

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What is a Treaty Trader Visa?

A treaty trader visa is a visa that allows the holder to work in the United States for the purpose of promoting trade between the individuals home country and the United States.

What is the difference between an E-2 and and E-1 Visa?

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For a UK National who does not qualify for an E2 visa an L visa may be an option for starting a business in the United States.

In order to qualify for an L visa a business owner, employer or investor needs to have a related foreign business outside the United States.

L visas may be available where less investment is involved than is possible with an E2 investor visa.

Principal Disadvantage of an E-1 Visa

One of the disadvantages of an E-1 visa is that it requires that trade between the home country and the Unites States remain “substantial”.

If at any point trade with other countries starts to grow the impact can be the automatic invalidation of the E-1 visa.


The Cheshire Cheese US Export Company, Ltd. produce a limited amount of cheese each year. All the cheese is exported to the United States.

Rather than relying on US distributors Cheshire decide to send a salesman to the United States. An application is filed in the US consulate in London and approved with the result that a salesman relocates to the US.

While cheese sales are string in the US exports to Germany suddenly take off and exceed exports to the US. Under these circumstances trade with the US is no longer deemed “substantial” and the E-1 visa is automatically invalidated.

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US Consulate in London

US Consulate in London

E-2 visa interviews are in the United Kingdom are conducted at the US Consulate in London. The US consulate in London is located at:

24 Grosvenor Square,
London W1A 2LQ
United Kingdom


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