Grenada CBI to the E2 visa

Grenada Citizenship: Approved E2 Visa

Our firm is happy to share that we have obtained another E2 Treaty Investor approval for yet another client. He is a citizen of South Africa who first obtained a Grenada passport to apply for E2.

The client came to us seeking assistance in applying for the E2 visa. We would ordinarily encourage him to apply for his E2 visa at the US Embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados. However, considering that the US Embassy in Barbados suspended E-2 visa processing, we decided to submit his application at the Consulate in Johannesburg instead.

We helped him set up a real estate brokerage firm based in Washington State. The Company provides real estate brokerage services to domestic and international clients and guides them in every step of the selling or purchasing process for a residential or commercial property.

The Company works closely with clients in order to provide them with the optimal solution. The company performs a comparable real estate market analysis to determine the value of the clients’ property, prepare a marketing and sales plan, facilitate the services of a mortgage broker to help clients with their financial needs, and offer real estate legal guidance until the sale/purchase is closed.

The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa offers the foreign nationals of treaty countries the opportunities to live and work in America by investing in and running a business.

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If, like this client, you are not from an E2 Treaty Country, it is possible to become eligible for the E2 Visa by first obtaining citizenship of an E2 Treaty Country. This client became a citizen of Grenada before applying. A Grenada passport can be obtained in a matter of months with options starting from $150,000. Alternatively, Turkey offers a citizenship program starting from $250,000.

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