5 Reasons Why One Should Apply for an Investor Visa for the USA

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Girish Mohile is an Associate with D&A based in Mumbai, India. Girish works as local Business Development representative for the firm and acts as liaison between Indian clients and US attorneys on their source of funds. Girish is not licensed to practice law in the United States and nothing in this blog constitutes legal advice.


US, while known for its competitiveness and robustness in the market, offers the most exciting business entrepreneurship to its residents and foreign investors. However for investing in the US market, it is imperative to hold an investor visa which comes with some additional benefits to look out for. Here is a list of reasons why one should apply for an investor visa for the USA:

  1. Largest consumer market

The GDP of US generates around USD 20 trillion and is a home to over 300 million people and has some of the highest household spending in the world. Hence the consumer market offers ample amount of business opportunities to the investors. Investor visa for the USA can help the investor access the consumer market.


  1. Hub of innovation

US has been recognized in the world as a leading nation for research and development as the nation offers a safe place for new innovations. Person holding an investor visa can apply for patent, copyrights and trademark.


  1. Talented workforce

US has some of the best universities and in the initial stages, the public school offers free education. There is an option to join vocational training school in case someone is not keen to pursue University education. Overall, due to the higher education rate in the country, a talented and creative workforce would come handy for an investor visa holder.


  1. Abundance of resources

Since US is a huge country, it holds borders with other countries with diverse climate and hence has no shortage of resources. Resources like minerals and metals are in abundance in the country and would be abundantly rewarding to investor visa holder.


  1. Competitive and robust market

US due to its massive landscape, gives an opportunity to the investors to invest in fields which impact the market globally. Industries like aerospace, chemicals, consumer goods, energy, environmental technology are cutting edge and developed. This gives a huge impetus to an investor visa holder.

To take utmost advantage of abovementioned benefits, seeking professional help while applying for  US business immigration and US visa investment program is of paramount importance.

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