The Largest E Visa Market in the World

Cost of EB 5 Visa

Duncan Hill is marketing director at Davies & Associates LLC. Duncan is not a lawyer and nothing in this blog constitutes legal advice.


Our team is heading to the Land of the Rising Sun amid strong demand for the E2 Visa. Davies & Associates has one of the strongest E2 legal teams in the business and we enjoy high success rates as a result.


Japan has the highest number of E2 Visa applicants in the world. Although this is somewhat unsurprising given Japan’s preeminent business culture and strong commercial ties with the United States, the numbers are staggering. 75% of all E visas issued in Asia last year went to Japanese citizens. In fact, 25% of all E visas globally were issued in Japan.

In addition, the country registered consistently strong demand for L visas with Japanese citizens claiming 7% of a much larger global total last year.


And the country’s appetite for US investor visas continues to grow. E visas overtook student visas as the most popular visa category last year, and EB-5 applications also registered a sharp growth in 2018.


Our Senior Leadership team in bound for Japan and available to consult on a range of USA visas, as well as the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme, as well as exciting new Italian residency options. Contact us for a free consultation.

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