Immigration Solutions for Same-Sex Couples

same sex couple immigration

For many years our lawyers have assisted same-sex couples around-the-world with their struggle to live together in the United States. Despite the recent action of the US Supreme Court striking down DOMA and thereby allowing same-sex partners of US Citizens and Permanent Residents to obtain "Green Cards" there remain unique issue facing LGBT couples. The lawyers on our LGBT immigration team are highly familiar with these issues and how to resolve them.

Our Specialist LGBT Immigration Team and our Difference

Headed by Mark Davies, our LGBT Immigration Team consists of lawyers from "Top Ten" United States law schools who formerly practiced in the world's very largest law firms. Mark Davies is our firm's Global Managing Partner. Mark take a deeply personal interest in every LGBT case our firm handles and make themselves available seven days a week to answer client question. Unlike some other immigration firms, as an LGBT client of Davies & Associates your primary point of contact will never be a paralegal and will always be a lawyer with substantial specialist LGBT immigration experience.

Why Does Davies & Associates Focus on LGBT Issues?

Our LGBT teams assist LGBT individuals and couples because it is our passion to do so and we zealously advocate for every client of the firm. All of the members of our LGBT immigration team have a strong personal interest in LGBT cases.

What is Davies & Associate's Success Record with LGBT Cases?

While there can never be any guarantees in any immigration case, as of the writing of this update in September 2013 we have never applied for an immigration benefit for an LGBT individual or couple that has been denied.

Why is Davies & Associates Successful in the LGBT Arena?

We believe we are the only US Immigration law firm who can claim our level of education, experience and success in this area.

Our firm has a large international footprint that enables us to understand the unique issues facing LGBT individuals and couples from around-the-world. To our knowledge, we are the only specialist LGBT immigration team with such a network

Our Experience & Further Information

Our lawyers are familiar with the issues facing same-sex couples and individuals seeking to live in the United States. We currently represent, or have recently represented:

  • Married same-sex couples
  • Unmarried same-sex couples
  • Couples with trans-gender partners
  • LGBT Couples and individuals from Europe, India, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Asia (including the Middle East), Australasia and Africa
  • Individuals seeking asylum based on their sexuality
  • Individuals facing deportation and removal proceedings

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