Chennai - Case Study

A High Net Worth serial entrepreneur from Chennai wanted to apply for an EB5 visa in order to get permanent residence in the United States. He was particularly interested in residing in Silicon Valley to pursue his entrepreneurial pursuits. He chose the regional center program over direct investment EB5. He felt his entrepreneurial pursuits will be better served by not burdening them with immigration goals. Also, his business did not need 10 employees in the United States.

Chairman of Davies & Associates, LLC and Mark Davies met with him on multiple occasions both in Chennai, India and in San Francisco, United States to discuss his EB5 source of funds and prospective EB5 investment. After going through multiple sources, he was advised to source his funds from the best available and easy to understand source. His EB-5 source of funds originated from dividends and commissions from multiple companies based in India, China and Singapore. Attorneys at Davies and Associates, LLC were able to document and explain his EB5 source of funds successfully. He was also assisted in identifying a qualifying EB5 investment with a regional center. He received his EB-5 visa approval in Early 2016. Post his successful EB-5 immigrant visa interview at the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai he received his green card. He now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.