Immigration For Married, Same-Sex Couples


On Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 the United States Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) as being unconstitutional. The result of this ruling means that USCIS and the US Immigration authorities will no longer discriminate against lawfully married same-sex couples seeking a “green card” for a non-US Citizen or non-LPR spouse.

Our firm has been counseling same-sex couples across the United States and around-the-world for years. While none of our clients were ever removed from the United States, we have shared the tears and frustration of our clients and welcome the action of the Supreme Court. From Seattle to Miami, New York and beyond, we are currently assisting most of our same-sex couple clients to file marriage-based immigration petitions.

Why Davies & Associates, LLC?We only practice immigration law and for the last several years have developed a focus in assisting same-sex couples. We are amongst the specialist immigration law firms now filing the very first same-sex marriage-based immigration petitions.

National Practice

We have represented same-sex couples across the United States and around-the-world for several years and are able to assist couples resident in most jurisdictions.

We live in a State Where Same-Sex Marriage is Not Legal, do we Qualify to File a Marriage-Based Immigration Petition?While United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (“USCIS”) has stated that couples who were lawfully married but reside in a state where same-sex unions are not legal can file for marriage-based immigration benefits, USCIS have also stated that they will treat each couple on a “case-by-case” basis. A full and proper review of each case by an immigration attorney familiar with same-sex relationships is, therefore, essential.

Which States Can Same-Sex Couples Lawfully Get Married in?Click here for a table listing states where same-sex couples can currently lawfully marry, please note that in ADDITION to the States listed, the State of California has resumed the marriage of same-sex couples.