Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme

Montenegro is an E-2 Treaty Country with the United States. The Balkan country offers a quick and cost-effective route to citizenship. Citizens of countries not eligible for the E-2 Visa may become eligible for this visa by first becoming a citizen of Montenegro. Citizens of India, Russia, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Africa and Nigeria are currently ineligible for the E-2 visa without first obtaining citizenship of another country.

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program is limited to a select number of applicants.

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro is a picturesque and fast- growing nation in the western Balkans. It is a member of NATO and a candidate country for European Union membership. The Montenegrin government is offering a time-limited opportunity to receive citizenship in exchange for an investment of €250,000 in less developed parts of the country coupled with a €100,000 donation. The minimum Investment required for projects in more developed parts of the country is €450,000. The program is limited to 2,000 investors and will expire at the end of 2021.

Montenegro CBI Investment Requirements
€250,000 investment in underdeveloped areas €450,000 investment in developed areas
€100,000 Government Donation
€15,000 Applicant Deposit €10,000 Deposit per family member up to four people €50,000 deposit per family member over four people

Access to the E-2 Visa

D&A is able to help our clients throughout the entire process of moving to the United States via Montenegro on an E-2 visa. The E-2 visa allows an individual and their family to move to the United States for the purpose of owning and operating a business. The business owner’s spouse is eligible to work in the United States and E-2 visa holders can travel freely in and out of the country.