What are L-1 Visas for UK Nationals?

The L-1 Visa allows for the intracompany transfer of employees from the UK office to the U.S. office of the same company. L-1A Visas target UK managers and executives and the L-1B visa target specialized knowledge employees. D&A has meaningful experience with the use of L visas both for existing businesses and new offices.

What are the benefits of L-1 Visa?

The L-1 visa has quick processing times (less than six months on average). It also does not have any annual country caps or quotas, so there are no limits on the number of UK nationals who can apply for this visa. A successful L-1 Visa applicant can take their spouse and children under the age of 21 with them. The spouse is able to apply for work authorization in the United States.

New Offices through an L Visa

For a UK National who does not qualify for an E2 visa an L-1 visa may be an option for starting a business in the United States.

In order to qualify for an L visa a business owner, employer or investor needs to have a related foreign business outside the United States.

L visas may be available where less investment is involved than is possible with an E2 investor visa.

Does a New US Business Have to be in the Same Industry as its Foreign Affiliate?

While there is no formal requirement that a US business be in the same industry as its related foreign entity there are considerations that need to be taken into account that need to be discussed with an experienced L visa lawyer.

Time Limits on L-1 Visa for UK Nationals

The initial period of validity for an L-1 visa depends on the person’s country of origin. Applicants from the United Kingdom may be initially granted anything up to five (5) years, which is the maximum. New office L-1s are only granted a visa for one (1) year initially. L-1A visas can be renewed upto a maximum of seven (7) years and L-1B visas can be renewed upto a maximum of five (5) years. After that period an L-1 Visa holder would need to switch to another visa or return to the UK.

Switching to a Green Card for L-1 Visa

The L-1 visa can be renewed up to a maximum of seven years. After that time, it is possible to transition to another visa. If you are seeking a Green Card (US permanent residency) the EB-1C Visa is often the best fit for L-1A holder and the EB-3 Visa is often the most suitable for EB-1C. For people who prefer not to hold US permanent residency but would like to remain in the United States, other options include the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa and the O-1A visa.

E-2 Visas for UK Nationals

An E-2 Treaty Investor Visa might be a better solution for some people considering a new-office L-1 Visa route. The E-2 Visa allows a person to invest in and run a business in the United States. It has many of the same benefits as the L-1 Visa, but unlike the L-1, the E-2 visa can be renewed indefinitely. This means that as long as the underlying business is in operation, the applicant can remain in the United States.

US Consulate in London

E-2 visa interviews are in the United Kingdom are conducted at the US Consulate in London. The US consulate in London is located at:

US Consulate in United Kindom, London
33 Nine Elms Ln, SW11 7US, London
Office: +44-20-7499-9000
US Consulate in United Kindom, Belfast
223 Stranmillis Road, BT9 5GR, Belfast, United Kingdom
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Satya Choudhury
Satya Choudhury
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I had a great experience with Davies & Associates. They are very thorough in the approach and their have experts in this field who know the domain very well.I would certainly be leaning onto them for any future needs as well.

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Tanuj Dewan
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Outstanding Immigration Attorney: Highly Recommended! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5) I had the pleasure of working with Verdie Atienza and his team at Davies & Associates , a top-notch immigration attorney in the United States. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication throughout the process were exceptional. With in-depth knowledge of immigration law, they provided accurate advice and addressed all my concerns, instilling confidence. Verdie Atienza and his team meticulously reviewed my documentation and maintained excellent communication, keeping me updated regularly. What sets Davies & Associates apart is their unparalleled attention to detail. Communication with Verdie Atienza and his team in USA and Sukanya Raman in India was always prompt and efficient. They promptly returned my calls and emails, providing regular updates on the progress of my case. This level of responsiveness and transparency significantly reduced my stress levels, as I knew I could rely on their support and guidance throughout the entire process. Their personalized approach, ethical conduct, and genuine care for my success made them an outstanding attorney. I highly recommend Davies & Associates for all your immigration needs.

hoshino ryuichi
hoshino ryuichi
2 months ago

Thanks to them for handling my E2 visa very professionally. I had a study visa from F1 and changed it to E2. I encountered many problems during the application process. Verdie and Etta were very patient in helping me and it took a long time. I highly recommend this place.

Christine Envall
Christine Envall
7 months ago

Getting my E2 Visa was a very in-depth process that took just over a year from when I committed to it, but 8 months from when I found a business I wanted to purchase. The only reason I'm giving 4 and not 5 stars is because the timeframe was a lot longer than expected from the initial information. Aside from the timing, Verdie and his team led me through the Visa process, providing all the guidance I needed to be successful, including advising me on the RIGHT type of Visa to suit my goals. Within the process I purchased a business and the greater Davies team included lawyer Rinat who helped me put the deal together. One of the biggest parts was my Business Plan which created from my info by Ana Ortiz, who did an incredible job. The process is certainly tedious and Verdie & Christina were always there to answer my questions, provide suggestions and advice and ensure I had all the documents I needed to support my application. I appreciated their patience with my questions and their advice and in the end, the application was so thorough the interview process was quick and easy. I highly recommend Davies & Associates and look forward to working with them again when it's time to renew my Visa.

3 years ago

When we first started our search for a firm to represent us in our journey to acquire my E2 visa, we reached out to a couple of companies and individual Attorneys. The responsive of the team-at D&A and positive reviews made the choice obvious. From the start D&A staff were very professional and easy to work with. Our Attorney, Verdie was very knowledgeable in the matter. He answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. The team is very professional and did a wonderful job on our Business plan. And helpful Etta put together all the documentations needed for my application. All in all, Davies & Associates organization and step by step system, helped the whole process to move smoothly with out a glitch. I highly recommend Davies & Associates for any one who is pursuing an E2 Visa.

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