News Releases (Continued)


Start visa process 6-8 months before doing business in US - experts say
Foreigners intending to do business in the United States should start the visa process at a local consulate 6-8 months ahead of their move.

Phoenix Business Journal

PhoenixMart finally going vertical
With help from the EB-5 Visa, PhoenixMart,a 1.5-million-square-foot expo center in Casa Grande, is finally under construction.

Pasadena Star-News

Monterey Park has become a hub for Chinese tourists, and with it hotel development
Chinese investors using the EB-5 program are helping to boost tourism in Southern California. The EB-5 program will help fund a Marriott Hotel in Monterey Park. The hotel will benefit the city by creating jobs and attracting tourists.

The Verge

Clinton campaign proposes new ‘startup visa’ and student loan breaks for entrepreneurs
Hillary Clinton proposes a new visa for immigrant entrepreneurs.

Miami Herald

Amusement park in the sky hires a company to make it work
The EB-5 Visa helps fund SkyRise, a 1,000-foot observation tower which would include thrill rides, outdoor observation decks, restaurants and a nightclub.

The Daily Dot

White House responds to 'Free Leffen' petition, won't make any changes to esports visa policies
The White House declines changes for visa policies for esports competitors. A petition for changes occurred when Swedish Super Smash Bros. Melee star William "Leffen" Hjelte was denied a P-1A visa.

The Real Deal

Miami developer targets EB-5 funding for hotel projects
The EB-5 visa is helping increase tourism in Miami. The EB-5 visa will help fund a Miami airport hotel this fall.

Channel New Asia

Faster immigration clearance for eligible Singaporeans travelling to US
Eligible citizens of Singapore will be able to enroll in the Global Entry Program and the Trusted Traveller Program which will provide faster immigration clearance upon arrival to US airports.

Voice of America

US Lawmakers Vow to Continue Immigrant Program for Afghan Interpreters
US lawmakers vow to continue visa program for Afghan Interpreters.

The Hindu

Hillary’s automatic green card proposal to benefit Indian students
Hillary Clinton's automatic green card proposal will benefit Indian students. Clinton proposes an automatic green card for students who complete a masters or PhD degree from a US university.

Inside Sources

Dallas Mayor Urges Expansion of Controversial EB-5 Immigration Visas
Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings,pushes for extension of the EB-5 visa.

Business Line

India set to take up totalisation pact, visa issue with US
India is expected to engage in a discussion with the US about the fee increase for  H1-B and L-1 visas.

Numbers USA

Number of Syrian Refugees Entering the U.S. Doubled In June
Since June,the number of Syrian refugees entering the US has doubled.

Hawaii News Now

Program aims to reunite Filipino World War II vets with family in Philippines
A new program aims to reunite Filipino war veterans with their family in the Philippines. This program allows the families of Filipino War veterans to apply for a "grant of parole" which would enable the family members to come to the US as they wait for their immigration visas to be approved.

Penn Energy

Premier Holding Corporation Receives New Interest in EB5 Funding Opportunity
Premier Holding Corporation receives interest in investment opportunities through the EB-5 visa program.

Westfair Online

Workforce Alliance-Housatonic College partnership aims at 100 percent placement for manufacturing grads
The H-1B visa, funds a job program between Workforce Alliance and Housatonic College.

The Hill

Bipartisan House group asks for lower immigration fees
A group of bipartisan representatives ask for immigration naturalization fees to be reduced.

Charlotte's NPR News Source

Chinese Investors Help Fuel Charlotte's Charter School Boom
The EB-5 visa program helps fund charter schools in Charlotte.

5 News -

Congressmen Pushing to Keep Guest Worker Visa Program Funded
Congress pushes to keep the H-2B visa program funded.

Number USA

House Committee Renews Extension for H-2B Visa Expansion
The House Committee renews extension for the H-2B Visa.

The New York Times

Supreme Court Tie Blocks Obama Immigration Plan
Obama's immigration plan is blocked by Supreme Court tie. His plan would have allowed five million undocumented immigrants, who have family ties to US citizens, to legally work in the US.


College diver not able to compete in U.S. Trials
College diver, Colin Zeng,was unable to obtain US citizenship in time to compete in the US Olympic Trials.

The Financial Express

Barack Obama asks foreign companies to invest in US
President Obama urges foreign companies to choose America and establish their manufacturing basis while investing in the US.

The Real Deal

HAP Investments seeks $60M in EB-5 funding for Chelsea rental-condo project
The EB-5 program continues to help new real estate developments. HAP Investment uses EB-5 program to fund Chelsea Rental-Condo Project.

The Real Deal

Chinese company partners with Madison Equities to build 45 Broad condo
Gemdale Properties,one of China's largest developers, has partnered with Madison Equities to build a 206-unit condominium located in the Financial district. This project will be funded with help from the EB-5 visa program.

PR Newswire

Brand USA 'Market the Welcome' campaign launched at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
BrandUSA incorporates new program aimed to attracting foreigners to the US.

The American Bazaar

H-1B petitions from India growing despite fee hike, says US official
Real Estate company, 3Invest Limited, has announced a partnership with United States-based Houston EB5.

EB-5 Investments

3Invest, Houston EB5 partner on hotel, residence development
Real Estate company, 3Invest Limited, has announced a partnership with United States-based Houston EB5.

The Economic Times

Indian students under F-1 visa can now work for three years in US
New guidelines put in place will greatly benefit Indian students. The new guidelines allow Indian students who have an F-1 visa and are studying Science,Technology.Engineering and Math,to stay in the US and work for up to three years.


New Renderings of Extell’s Central Park Tower Emphasize Design and Record Height
The world's tallest residential tower will be built with help from the EB-5 Visa program.

Rus Tourism News

Carlson Rezidor signs Radisson RED at Miami Airport
Miami tourism improves due to EB-5 visa program. Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is using the EB-5 visa to fund the development of a new hotel which has the potential to attract tourists.

The Business Journals

Babson aims to attract foreign startup founders with new Boston program
Babson College will be the first private college to implement a new program aimed at helping foreign students build their business in the US.

The Mercury News

Chinese diver in race to become eligible for U.S. Olympic trials
Colin Zeng,a Chinese diver,races to obtain American citizenship in order to compete in the Olympic trials.

The Economic Times

Indians can enter US Global Entry programme by August
Starting in August,Indians can be eligible for the Global Entry Program which would permit speedy clearance at airports upon arriving in America.

Business in Savannah

World Trade Center board gets update on foreign investment program
The World Trade Center for Investment sees the benefits of the EB-5 visa to fund projects and create jobs.

South China Morning Post

Beijing developer targets Chinese immigrants with US homes that come with ‘green cards’
Beijing property developer, Modern Land, is venturing into the US Real Estate market by using the EB-5 Visa Program to fund their projects and allow Chinese immigrants to obtain green cards.

Computer World

Draft bill would boost H-1B worker pay for big visa users
A new draft bill, by Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, would boost pay for H-1B workers. The bill would minimize the importance of the current lottery system for the visa and instead encourage employers to pay 150% or 200% of the prevailing wage level to significantly improve their chances of visa approval.

The American Bazaar

Nikki Haley supports India’s stand against US on hike in H-1B, L-1 visa fees
Nikki Haley, Republican Governor of South Carolina, supports India's stance against increased fees for L-1 and HB-1 visas. Haley feels this is an important issue which needs to be addressed.

U.S. hikes H1B, L1 visa fee; to hit Indian IT companies

H1B Visa Applicants will now be required to pay a fee of $4000, while L1A and L1B Visa applicants pay a higher amount, $4500.

Greenspan: America's H-1B visa program is 'too small'

Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chair, believes the economy would improve if more H-1B Applicants were accepted.

Taking the Mystery Out of EB-5 Regional Centers

Roger A. Bernstein, Co-Owner of American Life Investments LLC, praises EB-5 Visa through his comment “EB-5 regional centers are increasingly helping redefine South Florida’s skyline,”

Nearly 500K foreigners overstayed visas in 2015

Government study estimates “40% of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country”.

99% of visa-approved visitors to US left on time, but over 500,000 overstayed

2% of the Visa-Approved Visitors have overstayed their welcome!

H1B visas and US Presidential Candidates: A primer

US Presidential Candidates weigh in on their opinion of the H1B Visa.

HIV-positive man mistakenly denied tourist visa to Australia

HIV-Postive Man was denied entry to Australia because of his disease. The Scandinavian man has been visiting Australia for 22 years, and is now disappointed by this turmoil.

Low-earning Australians to be kicked out of Britain under new visa rules

UK will send back Low-Earning Australian Immigrants back to their country if they can’t earn at least £35,000 ($72,000) a year.

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