L-1A Visa for an Executive of a Birding Tours Company

Client:L-1A Visa for an Executive of a Birding Tours Company
Visa Type:L-1A
Country:South Africa

Birding Tours Company

Highlights & Challenges

The L-1 visa, also known as the intracompany transferee visa, is a nonimmigrant visa classi cation that allows companies to transfer employees from a related foreign entity to a U.S. company. In recent years, L-1 petitions have been subject to heightened levels of scrutiny. This is particularly true for petitions led by multinational companies with new and relatively small of ces in the United States.

The client’s Company in South Africa operates birding tours, offering avid birders the chance to see new birds, checking off their lifetime lists in about 60 countries around the globe. It also offers some specialized tours, such as birding photo trips that are built around both accommodating photographic equipment as well as maximizing visual appeal of viewing sites. The new affiliate office in the US intended to offer the same types of services. Due to the unique nature of the industry, it was a challenge to gather and present all the required documentation to establish eligibility for the transfer of the client as an executive.

Our firm managed to present a strong case to the USCIS and the petition was immediately approved without request for evidence (RFE).

Comments from the Client

“My wife Megan and I are impressed with Davies and Associates. When I first spoke to Mark Davies and David Cantor on the phone a couple of years ago, they were extremely helpful. They encouraged me to ask as many questions as possible and to take as much of their time as I wanted, before making a decision about whether to proceed with an L1 visa application (to open an of ce of Birding Ecotours in the USA). They did not in any way push to get my business, but instead gave an honest appraisal and even in fact gave me other options for my consideration (that would not lead to business for them) as they genuinely seemed to want to help. Indeed, they took a keen interest in me and my business and carefully gathered my information, making sure to get the facts together properly so as to advise me accurately. I eventually decided to proceed with the visa using their services, since they seemed honest and genuine and also told me I probably would get the visa if I tried. They did exactly what they said they would do – the process went as expected and I did get the visa (and am enjoying being in the USA right now). Verdie Atienza was our main point of contact in the rm during the process, and he was absolutely brilliant to work with. He was very knowledgeable, knew exactly what he was doing and always worked unbelievably hard and ef ciently to get everything done in good time.”