L-1A Executive Transfer for Music Production

Client:7 Cordas LLC
Industry:Music Production
Visa Type:L-1A Executive Transfer

L-1A Executive Transfer

Supported key expansion efforts of Brazilian music & production company seeking to establish a new office in New York City.

Highlights & Challenges

L-1A visa

Brazil is not considered a “treaty country” with the U.S. for purposes of obtaining an E-visa. This presents difficulty for Brazilian Nationals that have sufficient investment funds and a clear business plan. Davies & Associates worked directly with the CEO of 7 Cordas and discovered major strategic initiatives that needed to be emphasized and formalized in order to meet certain USCIS thresholds. This included a strategic alliance with a well-known U.S. based music production company that 7 Cordas continues to have positive business relations with to this day.

"Davies & Associates went beyond my expectations for a law firm. They visited my studio on numerous occasions and were constantly on top of my case. I needed this attention to detail, and they delivered."


L-1A approved for beneficiary and spouse in less than 10 days