Italian E2 Treaty Investor

Industry: Aviation
Visa Type: E2 Treaty Investor
Country: Italy

Aviation Industry Our client wanted to start a helicopter brokerage business in the Miami area.  Our firm filed the DS 156E at the US Consulate in Rome on behalf of the client and secured an E2 classification.

Highlights & Challenges

The case was made much stronger by the client’s professional background in aviation and rotorcraft brokerages.  He had worked for a European helicopter manufacturer in the sales department and later as an exclusive broker for that manufacturer.  A former semi-professional soccer player for a club team in Italy, he was very driven and very involved in the planning of his brokerage.  The client’s sales background was very advantageous in the interview, as he approached it with confidence and a strong amount of preparation.

The real challenge for this case was the risk of the enterprise suffering from “marginality”.  The rotorcraft brokerage was not intending to hire a significant US-based staff, and start-up funds of just over $100,000 USD was stretched pretty thin considering business projections and activities for the US enterprise.   In addition, Consular processing in Rome for the E2 visa limits the applicant to a 60 page application, thus it was necessary to present only critical material for the clients case.