E2 visa for Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Commercial Lighting FixturesClient: You Jong (Frank) Kim
Industry: Commercial Fixture
Visa Type: E2 Visa
Country: South Korea


Mr. Kim, a South Korean citizen, applied for an E2 visa to run a newly created lighting fixtures import company, to be based in Greenville, South Carolina. He is assisted by his business partner (though not an investor) Brick Drummond, who lives in South Carolina. Our expertise in business immigration was very helpful to getting the case prepared and approved. Mr. Kim’s goal was to run a company and live in the United States, which he is now able to do with our help.

Highlights & Challenges:

The most challenging  aspect was communication among three people (Frank, Brick, and me) in two time zones. Also, Brick, who was involved at every step, is not very tech-friendly, so had trouble with Dropbox and Skype. The other challenging aspect was the lack of accurate information on the Seoul consulate website, which led to delays and misunderstandings.

Client Comments:

“Davies & Associates’ experience and expertise in investor visas was critical to my ability to launch a new business in the US. They prepared my application materials, guided me through the process, and made sure I was ready for my interview at the US consulate.”