E-2 Visa for Design and Decorating Enterprise

Industry: Interior Design and Decorating
Visa Type: E-2 Visa
Country: Canada

Interior Design and Decorating The Applicant, a Chinese National had had secured Canadian citizenship in 2015.  The $150,000 investment fund was a gift from the Applicant’s father, a Chinese-Canadian businessman in Southern California on L-1 status.  The E-2 enterprise is an interior design and decorating firm focusing on restaurant and hospitality clients.

Highlights & Challenges

Our team worked exclusively with the Applicant’s wife, who is a 10% shareholder of the company and holds an advisory role as a member of the board.  A major challenge in the case came up about three-quarters the way through the preparations, when we noticed that the company had deposited a large advance payout on an interior design contract.  Per law, there are limitations on business activities permitted on an Applicant’s B1/B2. Our team always emphasizes the importance of not engaging in commercial operations prior to E-2 issuance.  Therefore, we had counseled the client that this violation, if noticed, would be grounds for a denial on its face and had them unwind the contract and return the advance payment.  Fortunately, the consular officer did not pursue a line of questioning regarding this contract and the payment.

Client Comments

“Davies & Associates was responsive in everyway to our case filing. The attention to detail and knowledge of immigration law was invaluable to our success.”