E-2 Visa for a Founder/CEO of a Real Estate Investment Firm

Client:E-2 Visa for a Founder/CEO of a Real Estate Investment Firm
Industry:Real Estate
Visa Type:L-1A

House Sold

The client’s Company was already operational when he approached our firm to help him secure a visa to allow him to actively manage his Company in the U.S. The Company is engaged in the purchase, remodel, and resale of portfolios of distressed homes in up-and- coming neighborhoods. The Company also caters to buyers who are looking for a home of their own as well as to European investors interested in buying tenanted homes. Additionally, the Company offers property management services to those investors as well as contracting services to anyone interested to upgrade their homes or offices.

Highlights & Challenges

Time was of the essence for the client. He wanted to obtain his E-2 visa immediately to take advantage of the recovering real estate market in Detroit, Michigan. While the client had already hired a couple of employees, his presence as the Company’s executive is crucial to attaining success. The rm immediately con rmed with the client that processing time for E-2 applications in Belgium takes at least ten (10) weeks. The processing time will keep him away from his business for a very long time which will be detrimental to his Company. Our rm was able to come up with a solution and was able to immediately con rm that he would qualify to apply in another consulate.

As with every E-2 application, it was a challenge to fully document the source of funds. Our rm was able to work closely with the client to gather all source of funds documentation as well as other documents to establish his eligibility.

Also, the client wanted to set up and manage separate companies with different purposes (but all related to the real estate industry). Our rm was able to assist the client in developing the perfect business plan that allows him to do all business activities that he wants to engage in under his streamlined E-2 Company.

After the E-2 application was nalized, our rm was able to get an appointment for the client in less than 10 days. The client was able to avid having to wait for at least 10 weeks for his E-2 application to be processed and reviewed.


The client shared that the interview process was very relaxed. He attributes it to the fact his E-2 application was well-documented. The specic requirements of the Consulate were complied with and so there was no reason for the of cer to exercise heightened scrutiny.