E-2 for Real Estate Development

Industry:Real Estate Development
Visa Type:E-2

real estate development visa

Davies & Associates represented one of the premier construction entities based out of Ankara, Turkey. The client wanted to establish a real estate development and investment operation in the residential housing market in the Northeast, USA.

Highlights & Challenges

The client was a highly educated and sophisticated structural engineer who had spent a considerable amount of time in the U.S. as a student and professional.

There were a number of challenges in this case. Substantively, real estate ventures are generally viewed as unfavorable by reviewing USCIS and consular officers for E2 purposes. Specifically, it is necessary that a real estate venture qualify as “active” and meet the “real and operating” requirements. For example, a simple real estate investment will not meet this threshold and will be considered a “passive” investment.

Additionally, despite our persistent advice, the client insisted that he did not need to establish a critical financial instrument for the E2 visa -- an escrow account. During the consular interview in Istanbul, the interview was cut short after five minutes as the client was told by the officer to come back when he had an escrow fund in place. Upon supporting the client with establishment of this account, and production of this evidence, the Consulate promptly approved his application.


L-1A approved for beneficiary and spouse in less than 10 days