E-2 for Footwear / Fashion

Client:Christel Kelly
Industry:Footwear / Fashion
Visa Type:E-2

Footwear / Fashion - Case Studies

Our client dedicated several years to the prototyping and patenting of custom- designed shoetrees. This product would be directed towards the high-end women’s footwear market. The client sought to vertically integrate all business activities in the United States from manufacturing to retail.

Highlights & Challenges

The client was very organized and could provide extensive documentation of the capital spent to develop prototypes as well as secure the patent of her shoetree design. This is critical for purposes of the E-2 visa, as the applicant’s financial commitment is key to the de government’s decision. Specifically, the Consular officer will evaluate the facts of the application in making a determination as to “substantial investment”. Clear financial recording and accounting will always help satisfy this requirement.

A very real challenge in this case was meeting the “marginality” requirement, given the unique and specific nature of the client’s product – shoetrees. This requires the applicant, amongst other matters, to demonstrate that business will survive in the long-run. With such a “niche” product market, it was important to emphasize the competitive advantages of the client’s product. Lastly, give the specific requirements of Consular filing in Frankfurt, it was necessary for our firm to produce an application that was within the 90-page limitation.


Successful E-2 application and interview at the Frankfurt Consulate.