Immigration and Taxes

D&A’s Tax & Residency Webinar Recording

We held a webinar with key experts on how to maintain US permanent residency for Green Card holders, conditional Green Card holders, and aspiring Green Card applicants. One of the key aspects of this is TAX.

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Tax and Residency

The US is an extremely sophisticated tax jurisdiction with state, federal and local taxes. When you have US permanent residency, your must maintain an address in the United States for tax purposes. So what does that mean for travel in and out of America, and what does it mean for your family’s residency. What does that mean if you spend a taxable length of time in another country? What happens with double taxation – i.e. being taxed in both countries?

We disucss

  1. Transitioning Conditional Green Card to a full Green Card – the process and why there are delays. This is the I-829 stage of the EB-5 Investor Visa process.
  2. Waiting on a Conditional Green Card – if your Form I-526 is approved and you are still waiting on your conditional Green Card
  3. What you need to do to maintain your permanent residency status
  4. US Taxes – how it links to your PR status in the US and general considerations for tax for permanent residents
  5. State Tax Returns – you need to pay both federal AND state

The Webinar Features

Gary Kaufman – US Tax Attorney

M R Narasimhamurthy – Senior Partner at MRNM & Co. Chartered Accountants (and successful EB-5 Visa applicant)

Mark I Davies– Chairman, Davies & Associates

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