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E2 Visa Approval for Bangladeshi Client in Vitamins & Supplements Business

We closed last week with another E-2 visa approval for another Bangladeshi national. The client is the second Bangladeshi national that we have assisted in obtaining an E-2 visa this year. 

We helped the client set up a Limited Liability Company in Texas that will sell vitamins, supplements, and other health-related products, both imported and sourced from local suppliers, online, via its e-commerce store and sales platforms, such as and Additionally, the Company will operate as a wholesaler selling these products to other wholesalers and retailers.

This approval follows a number of reason successful visa petitions for Bangladeshi nationals, as we continue to enjoy a 100% success rate for our Bangadeshi clients

The E-2 Visa allows citizens of Treaty countries to invest in and run a business in the United States. Anyone who is not from a Treaty country can become eligible by obtain citizenship of a Treaty Country. The Grenada and Turkish citizenship by investment programs offer the fastest and most cost-effective pathways to the E-2 Visa.

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