E-2 for a Management Consultancy Firm

Industry:Management Consulting
Country:Brazil / Italy
Visa Type:E-2
Management Consultancy Firm

Highlights & Challenges

As is common with individuals starting a new US venture, our client was very anxious about launching his business and filing the application in time to permit for relocation with by a certain deadline.  A NYC-based family member of our client supported the process, was involved in numerous conference calls and served as a local agent for our client to initiate his early-stage operations.

One area of difficulty for this case was the client’s selection of outside counsel for his Escrow account. As is critical for E2 filings, D&A advises all of our clients to establish a US Escrow Trust account. For virtually all of our E2 clients, D&A serves as the legal agent for this instrumental bank account. Unfortunately, this appointed attorney was totally unfamiliar with immigration practice and resistant to providing key banking statements such as the client’s IOLA account statement.  In addition, his chosen bank was utterly incompetent and made egregious errors such as misprinting account numbers, and misspelling the client’s name. Such accurate reporting is necessary for a successful E2 petition.

Our client was fluent in Italian, and lacked proficiency in the English language. However, D&A handled documents in both Italian and English, as the US Consulate in Rome accepts submissions in either language. Lastly, trimming the submission to fit within Rome’s submission size restrictions presented considerable difficulty, as our immigration attorneys are forced to select only the critical documents to meet such requirements.